About the Artist

Elizabeth Hagberg Webb is a talented professional harpist who has been playing harp for over 17 years. With a background in piano, Elizabeth began taking harp lessons in the 90s. She quickly fell in love with the intricacies and versatility of the harp and began playing for events around the greater Tucson area and teaching harp lessons to children.


Upon graduating, Elizabeth moved to Los Angeles to study harp under Mindy Ball, world-renowned principle harpist of the Pacific Symphony and Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. For seven years, Elizabeth played harp in various orchestras, bands, ensembles, and for many solo gigs, including several movie sound tracks and vocal soloist albums. Her favorite experience in LA was playing in the Pacific Harp Ensemble.


In 2011, Elizabeth moved back to Tucson, Arizona, where she and

her husband Joshua currently reside. She is active in the local

community, teaching harp and playing for churches and many

different events across southern Arizona, including Phoenix,

and even other states. Elizabeth is currently working on her

first official solo CD and hopes to have it available for

purchase soon.


Elizabeth is a certified teacher with a gift for helping people

learn to feel the music and let it flow out of them through the

instrument. She is also an excellent music therapist. She loves

to play for the elderly, sick, homebound, and those expected

to pass away. Contact Tucson Harp Music today for more

info on how you can affordably hire Elizabeth to play for

your loved ones.